2D Artist, Producer

From February till June 2018 I worked as an intern at metricminds. I did the promotional work for the game “Catch & Release” such as the store images, instagram photos, and helped with the creation of the trailer as well as upgrading the game UI.

I also worked on a series of images for a VR presentation, which is the first set of images on this page.

My main project during my internship at metricminds was the new project I set up for the company. For this I wrote a complete business plan and financial planning, did all the research that was needed, and wrote a preliminary concept which got sent in with a funding request. I also reached out to and established contacts, set up meetings and created mood- and character concepts. In the end I combined everything into a final pitch.
Below the VR presentation you will find the character and mood concepts I did for this project.